Things People Have Said About My Body and Appearance

What a bag of bones
You could drive a truck through those legs
Those are good child bearing hips
Nice arse (friend jumps in – don’t chat her up, she’s got grey hair)
You’re a total milf
I’m not even interested anyway, you haven’t even got any tits
How will that stay up? (about a strapless dress, while looking at my breasts)
You’re only light cos you don’t have any tits
Someone’s run away with your tits (after a one night stand, grabbing my breasts)
YOU’VE NOT EVEN GOT ANY FUCKING TITS ANYWAY (angry drunk friend of a boyfriend, in a very populated beer garden)
Nice breasts
You look like one of those models
Are you pregnant?
You’ve put on weight
You’ve lost weight
You don’t look that heavy
Where do you put it all?
I would never have guessed how much you weigh
You look great, skinny and great (after broken leg/painkiller induced weight loss)
You do have very sturdy legs
You’ve got weird bony shoulders
Your ribs show
Is that a boy or a girl
Is that a man or a lady
You’ve got really hairy toes
You’re really hairy
So…do you not shave?
That’s not very lady like (on my unshaved legs)
What’s wrong with your eyebrows?
Your friend is much prettier
Are you the ugly best friend?
Ugly bitch
Can you get me some heroin?
I think you need a bit of fake tan
You look so much better now, before you had all this grey hair
Why would you cut your hair like that?
Do you regret cutting your hair off?
Wow that suits you so much better like that




cheer up it might never happen


ad nauseum



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