It’s July! What?! Oh, the sands of time….

Good things that have happened in the last four months:

moved into a lovely flat with a lovely person
many lovely times with lovely person
trip to Berlin with roller derby pals
got an amazing new tattoo
played in three fun derby games, got MVP in one of them
was line up for our team at British Champs – and they came 2nd! In the UK!
did okay on my uni assessments, got a wee break
got discharged from Breast Clinic
had pelvic scans and gynae checks and nothing serious is wrong
made a little difference to some folks’ lives through my work
my little car made it through its mot
had a lovely 42nd birthday with my lovely person
had a birthday month full of amazing treats including Patti Smith, L7, Matthew Bourne ballet…
lovely annual family holiday to Dumfries & Galloway
made derby team, got voted in as captain
got a new job! woo!
handed in my notice to old job…FUCKING YES

there were probably some shit things too but fuck me if that was not a bad few months – 2015 ain’t shaping up too badly 😀

Anyway. I do have plans to come back here more regularly with some Thoughts and… Other Things. Just so you know.