Spring the changes

see what I did there?  No?  Oh well…

Anyway winter has been going on for approx seventeen months. I am writing this (illicitly) at work buried in several layers, a hoody and a fleece, with Peyton the Pug* stuffed up my top.  Hope glimmers in the form of crocus blankets and snowdrop tuffets, but it’s still cold and windy and wet.  BUT. Spring is reassuringly inevitable and buds are budding and frosts are thawing and hibernation is nearly over.

And more changes have happened!  Well, one. But a big one. I moved out of my flat share, and am staying with my dad again.  Which is lovely.  It’s like a wee holiday.  And kind of is – it’s only temporary.  Because I will soon have a new home!

Yes like the cliche couple we seem to be, we are moving in together.  Something that I would have thought should be terrifying and overwhelming and all those things was a simple conversation, a quick and easy decision, and is very, very, VERY exciting.

Our move is happening between two derby trips, two uni deadlines, with little time off work.  Logistics are hard and time is limited, I am tired and stressed and yes, there are risks, no, we don’t know what’s around the corner.  Who does?  What I do know, is that I am happy, happy, happy.  And right now, that feels like enough.

*not a real pug