I’m a bit late to this blogging business.  As with most things in my life, I’ve sleepily waded in and now I’m here, I’m a bit stuck as to what comes next.  But hey – this year is going to be the year of doing, of jumping, of letting go (a little bit, because let’s not go crazy)…so here goes.

I can’t tell you what it will be about.  I might write about some guy on the bus that pissed me off.  I might relate a random act of kindness that moved me.  I might write about a film I just watched or a book I’ve read.  I might wallow in grief.  I might tell you about my failings in life which, right now, seem to be many.  I might post a picture of something I’ve made, like a cake or a crochet octopus.  I might talk about feminism or politics or roller derby.

I might just see how it goes.


Balloon sculpture at the Museum of Scotland. Last trip out with my mum was to see these.


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